A guide to French press coffee

French press coffeeThe French press coffee maker is something that you do not want to miss out on especially if you are a coffee lover! This coffee maker will give you the finest, richest and best flavoured coffee that you can ever think about. French presses are also known as “cafetiere”, or more commonly press pot, coffee press and coffee plunger. These devices are cylinder shaped beakers usually made of glass. However, nowadays there are various models that are made of different material like plastic or steel.

An important factor that you should keep in mind is using the right kind of coffee beans ( Read here how to use a french press). Depending on how rich you want your coffee flavour to be, you need to choose your roast. Each roast differs. Dark roast beans give a more full flavour. Light roasts are less bitter and are sweeter. If you do not prefer the burnt and strong taste of coffee, you should go for the lighter roasts. Always use fresh beans, because old beans lose flavour and therefore give your coffee a bad taste. HiLine coffee is one such brand that offers great choices to choose from!

Single-serve coffee packs

Compared to other coffee makers, French presses are more self-contained and compact. Nowadays even travel mug versions are available instead of the original glass. These mugs come with a sealed lid and also a drinking hole that can be closed. If you are into hiking, or like to travel a great deal, this version is ideal for you since you won’t have to carry the heavy metal percolator or even be bothered about using a drip brew! Then, you also get the stainless steel designs, similar to thermos flasks, which contain insulated presses. This keeps the coffee hot. However, sometimes you can also use a French press to make cold brew coffee.

A simple French press brewing guide is as follows.

  • Start by boiling the kettle.
  • Next, while the water in on the boil you can weigh out you coffee. You can use approximately 75 gm of coffee per litre.
  • Warm the French presser with the already boiled water
  • Grind the coffee. Always remember that for this style of coffee, you need to keep the coffee coarsely ground. Grinding it too thin will allow the coffee particles to flow through the filter, which is rather undesirable.
  • Pour away the water from the French press. Add the coffee which you have just ground and pour approximately 200ml of water. Leave if for around half a minute.
  • You will notice that a crust will form on top of the solution. Break this crust by giving one quick stir with a spoon.
  • If there are any more grinds remaining, remove these with a spoon. Add 550ml hot water to the brew. The water should be around 93-96 degrees Celsius.
  • Let it sit for another four minutes. You can warm the mug with hot water and finally place the plunger on top and wait for around 15 to 18 seconds.
  • Your coffee is ready!

Chocolate Coconut Oil Frosting

frostingSo I took the plunge and ordered 14 lbs of Coconut oil.  I bought 7 lbs of Organic Virgin Coconut oil and 7 lbs of Organic Refined Coconut Oil (I am splitting it with my mom).  The Virgin Coconut Oil is suppose to have more health benefits but it does have a coconut taste.  And although I love coconut I am not sure I want everything I use oil with  to taste coconutty (although popcorn popped in virgin Coconut oil is really delicious!!).  The refined is more processed and has no flavor.

I know some of you may be wondering why I would be considering eating Coconut Oil for health benefits? I mean, isn’t it all saturated fat?  Yes- yes it is, but I have done some research  about oils and not all oils are created equal.  I seems the saturated fat can be both good and bad- depending on the oil and not all unsaturated fats are good. If you would like to read what I have been reading here are some of my sources.. (more…)

My Poor Man’s Microwave Tortilla Warmer

tortillasWe eat a lot of corn tortillas around this house, being gluten free.  But there is one problem with corn tortillas is, if they are not soft enough they are kind of gross. They crack open, all your fillings fall out and the texture is terrible. So some how you need to heat them up to get the soft texture you need.

You have some warming options: microwave them, warm them in a skillet, and I get you could probably do it in the oven, too.  But then you have another issue- they can dry out.  So now they are even worse. (more…)

Why We Eat Gluten and Process Sugar Free (Mostly)

fields of goldAbout 10 years ago, I started feeling terrible. In fact, I was nauseated for an entire year. Believe me, it was not fun! I saw several doctors, tried medications, tried a more homeopathic route, even had a tube with a camera in my stomach and they found nothing.

On my own I even tried going gluten free and did not see a major difference or improvement. So pretty much, I simply had to suffer with terrible digestion and acid reflux for 10 years.

A little over two years ago I was introduced to anaturopath in my area. By this point I was willing to try anything because it was getting so bad I could not stand it any more – I was sick all the time. (more…)

Get a Peak at Sunday’s Coupon Inserts

good morningHoping to start the year out right by saving money or just want to get a jump on yourcouponing? You can check out Sunday’s (Jan 3) coupon inserts at Sunday Coupon Preview.

Coupons do differ in different areas- so you will need to confirm when you actually get your paper. But this is a great way to start early with some ad matching or plan to buy multiple papers.

Here is a sample of this weeks coupons:
-Fiber One Frozen Muffins – $1.00 off any 1 (x3/27)
-General Mills Cereals, listed – $1.00 off any 3 (x2/13)
GreenGiant Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables – 40 cents off any 1 (x2/27)
NatureValley Granola Nut Clusters, bag – 50 cents off any 1 (x2/27)
-Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls – 40 cents off any 2 (x3/27)

Sweet Potato Casserole (for the Sweet Potato hater)

potatoWe love this dish- it is so good. I have turned sweet potato casserole haters (including my husband) into sweet potato lovers with it- it’s that good.

I will eat it at any time, dinner, dessert, breakfast (mmmm.. so good for breakfast). I will eat it hot or cold. I will eat it in a house or with a mouse… Needless to say, it is one of our favorites.

We have eaten it since before we were gluten free and when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around that first gluten free year, I could not be without it. So I adapted it to be a GF and processed-sugar-free version. It is not 100% the same as the original, but nonetheless, a great version. I wanted every one to be able to enjoy it so I have included the more conventional recipe, as well.

This recipe is pretty much a no fail. I have never had it turn out badly. I have doubled it many times- and it it a beautiful thing. (more…)

Shepherd’s Pie- with a healthy, secret twist

PieSince the Chefs arrived one of the things that has been hard for me is cooking every night. When it was just the hubby and I often I would just say- “Sorry- cereal tonight”. But in general that doesn’t go over that well for kids- sure they would like it- but I really need to get some good nutrition in them.

Every family probably has go-to recipes that are fairly easy and use ingredients they have on hand. One of mine is Shepherd’s Pie since it’s just basically potatoes, meat and vegetables.

The last time I made it I tried something new. I had wanted to do this for a long time but was a bit afraid to… (more…)